Thermal blanket is a nonwoven fabric made of 100% polypropylene

Stabilised against ultraviolet rays. This product is made specifically for agricultural use. Thermal blanket protects plants against the effects of weather and attack by insects, fungi and bacteria, etc. Another of its uses is in biological and thermal crop control. Thermal blanket can be used as mulch, micro-tunnel or greenhouse.

Nonwoven fabric made in 100% polypropylene stabilized against ultraviolet rays. Developed as an alternative for agriculture. Popularly known as thermal blanket  is 100% polypropylene with UV treatment. It is used for the protection of plants against the weather, insects, fungi and bacteria. It is also used for biological and thermal control of crops.

THERMAL BLANKET MEASUREMENTS: Widths: from 1 m to 15.60 m. For widths of more than 3.20 m, special system of 2 m “accordion style” folding.

THERMAL BLANKET UV PROPERTIES:  is a floating cover of nonwoven fabric, ultra-lightweight and strong, which doesn’t interfere with plant growth, yet allows sunlight, air and water to pass through. Thermal blanket is permeable, allowing irrigation over the top. It creates a microclimate effect and retains moisture. By maintaining an internal temperature of 3 to 4 degrees above ambient temperature it prevents crops from suffering from extreme temperature changes. In temperate or cold climates, the polypropylene cover protects crops from frost, whilst at the same time promoting development and thereby producing an early crop. The thermal blanket fabric is breathable by up to 8,500 litres of air per square metre per second. It is a physical barrier to birds and insects, including whitefly and aphids which can transmit viral diseases. It can be placed either manually or automatically. It is suitable for any crop, and there are different ways to install it. These can be floating, greenhouse or micro-tunnels.

THERMAL BLANKET UV RECOMMENDATIONS: Agriculture: Avoid contact between Thermal blanket UV and rough or corroded metal surfaces. If you use wire to form micro-tunnels, the wire should be covered with used drip tape. It is advisable to check the crop periodically to prevent diseases caused by fungi, bacteria or nematodes. Before covering with Thermal blanket, remove any weeds either physically, chemically or by mulching. Remove any lumps of soil. If any weeding needs to be done when thermal blanket is in position, uncover half the area, weed, then replace the cover and follow the same procedure on the other half. Always use healthy seeds or plants.

Any agrochemical containing halogens (bromine, fluorine, chlorine, bromine, etc.)., sulphur and/or its derivatives inhibits the performance of the UV stabilizer and thus greatly decreases the life of Thermal blanket UV.


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