Spunlaced fabric is a nonwoven material made by entangling a web of loose fibers through multiple rows of jets of water at high pressure which drill entangled tissue and its cross fibers. Weaving two fabrics in different directions gives them an isotropic characteristic, which allows the same strength in any direction.

Crosslapper is suitable for nonwoven medical, health and beauty products, hair removal strips, wax depilation fabric, make-up removal tissues and cleansing cloths. It has great strength and absorption, it is not allergic or irritant. Its weight is between 45 g/m² and 250 g/m². There are different weights and compositions (viscose, polyester, cotton, nylon and microfibre). It can be produced in plain or perforated and in multiple solid colours and prints.



NV EVOLUTIA. "The non-woven fabric with added value" since 1988

NV Evolutia is an entirely Spanish company located in the textile area of Valencia, specializing in the supply, conversion and distribution of non-woven products. Our beginnings in 1988 focused on the production of stitchbonded, under the premise of quality and service, two values that have allowed us to expand our product portfolio with the distribution of spunbonded, spunlace, needlepunch, reicrop, SMS and meatpad. With this extensive range of products and a well-organized infrastructure, we can meet the demanding needs of all sectors: footwear, furniture, mattresses, toys, textiles, agricultural, construction, automobile industry, medical and health areas.

A nonwoven fabric for each sector

AIRLAID. We are introducing a new product

Airlaid is similar to a fabric material categorised as a non-woven fabric, manufactured with at least 85% wood pulp and EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate). In contrast to ordinary paper manufacture, Airlaid does not use water as a transport medium for the fibres. The fibres are transported through the air to form the paper structure. Airlaid structure is isotropic.

The result is a material of high thickness with outstanding resistance, high liquid absorption capacity and a very pleasant feel.

Airlaid can be considered as a natural substitute for fabric tablecloths and serviettes.


AIRLAID. Aplicación: Mantelerías


We work closely with all kinds of sectors, including furniture and mattress manufacturers, publicity and digital printing, footwear, industrial uses, single-use products and the automobile and construction industries. This wide variety of sectors and clients enables us to offer an extensive range of solutions including hydrophobic, fire-retardant and anti-mite treatments, creating custom-made compound materials. NV Evolutia specialises in creating new fabric structures that are capable of meeting specific requirements.


Texpun PP is a nonwoven fabric composed of 100% polypropylene for use in industries such as furniture and mattress manufacturing, agriculture, hygiene and construction, etc. This is a nonwoven fabric to which we apply the treatments required to give each fabric its own added value. A particular sector may require a fabric with specific properties: reflective, low calender, anti-mite, fire-retardant, antibacterial, anti-static, UV treatment, etc. Texpun or Spunbonded PP can also be given a wide range of finishes: embossed, laminated, flexographic printing, self-adhesive, etc.


Texpun or Spunbonded PET is a high mechanical strength nonwoven fabric that is resistant to high temperatures, making it the ideal material for sectors such as automobile, advertising and printing, industrial uses, etc. In addition to its excellent properties, its great advantage is that it can undergo a number of treatments to stiffen it and become hydrophilic, hydrophobic, antibacterial, fluorescent, fire-retardant, etc., depending on the needs of the particular sector and client.


Stabilised against ultraviolet rays. This product is made specifically for agricultural use. Thermal blanket protects plants against the effects of weather and attack by insects, fungi and bacteria, etc. Another of its uses is in biological and thermal crop control. Thermal blanket can be used as mulch, micro-tunnel or greenhouse.


A nonwoven spunlace fabric with remarkable strength in all directions.

Cross spunlaced LAPP is a nonwoven fabric produced by the entangling of a web of loose fibers through multiple rows of jets of high pressure water which pierce the tissue and entangle the fibres. The fact that the two fabrics are interlinked in different directions gives it its isotropic property, the same strength in any direction.


Needlepunch is a nonwoven fabric made from fibres of variable lengths mechanically carded and bonded by inserting barbed needles to facilitate the entanglement of the fibres. The nonwoven fabric can be heat set and/or calendered during this process.


This is a high coverage nonwoven fabric. Its low weight, high longitudinal and transversal strength and soft feel make it suitable for use in the medical and hygiene industry. It can be given special treatments to give it certain properties (hydrophilic, anti-bacterial, oil-repellent, alcohol-repellent and blood-repellent).


Meatpad is a laminated AIRLAID nonwoven fabric used as an absorbent cushion. Meatpad is used exclusively in the food industry. The absorbent cushion for food trays traps the moisture given off by the food and absorbs it. This is a highly effective way of improving the quality of packaged foods such as red meat, white meat, fish, berries, etc.

NV EVOLUTIA, S.L. a través de la línea “Ayudas destinadas a la promoción de la economía sostenible en la Comunitat Valenciana para el ejercicio 2023”, convocada por la CONSELLERIA DE ECONOMIA SOSTENIBLE, SECTORES PRODUCTOS, COMERCIO Y TRABAJO “ha recibido una subvención de 4.000 € para la elaboración e implantación de la memoria de sostenibilidad”

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