Industrial uses


Serviettes, single use tablecloths, table runners. Carpets. Bed linen, pillowcases, padding. As a support for fabrics and plastics. With UV treatment for parasols and umbrellas. Shopping trolleys.

Nonwoven technical fabrics such as Spunbonded PP, Spunbonded PET, Stitchbonded, SMS, Spunlace, Needlepunch have various industrial uses. We highlight various sectors below where they are commonly used in general production

FOOTWEAR AND LEATHER GOODS: Nonwoven fabrics are used as lining for shoes, bags and suitcases, in various weights and finishes according to the needs of our customers. The excellent appearance of the finish and strength have made them the fabrics of choice in the sector.

TOYS: These technical fibres are widely used as an inner lining for toys, such as doll’s prams and play houses.

HOME: In the household sector there are multiple uses for technical nonwoven fabrics. For example: carpets, bed linen, pillowcases, blankets, serviettes, disposable tablecloths, table runners, shopping trolleys. With UV treatment they are used for parasols and umbrellas and as a support for other fabrics and plastics.

AIR AND LIQUID FILTRATION: Technical fabrics used for air and liquid filtration are designed to give optimum efficiency as a result of the pore size and surface characteristics. They apply both to the retention of dust and liquid processing.

Industrial uses

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