Meatpad is a laminated AIRLAID nonwoven fabric used as an absorbent cushion. Meatpad is used exclusively in the food industry. The absorbent cushion for food trays traps the moisture given off by the food and absorbs it. This is a highly effective way of improving the quality of packaged foods such as red meat, white meat, fish, berries, etc.

NV Evolutia, conversion and distribution of MEATPAD. The absorbent food tray pad is a nonwoven laminated cellulose fabric that can trap moisture inside. It is an economical method to improve the quality of packaged foods in refrigerators, such as red meat, white meat and seafood inside the refrigerator.


MEATPAD PROPERTIES: A revolutionary absorbent pad designed to maintain the safety, appearance and marketability of red and white meat packaged in a facility. In addition to isolating the excess liquid, MEATPAD preserves the organoleptic characteristics: odour, colour and texture.

The cellulose absorbent pad traps moisture and liquid from proteins inside the pad, which minimizes bacterial growth in pre-packed red and white meat thereby allowing products to reach their expiry date with a better colour, odour and appearance. Exceptional results can be achieved in modified atmosphere trays.


MEATPAD MEASUREMENTS: Absorbent pads are offered in various sizes, colours and absorbances, from 600 g/m² to 17,000 g/m².



NV EVOLUTIA, S.L. a través de la línea “Ayudas destinadas a la promoción de la economía sostenible en la Comunitat Valenciana para el ejercicio 2023”, convocada por la CONSELLERIA DE ECONOMIA SOSTENIBLE, SECTORES PRODUCTOS, COMERCIO Y TRABAJO “ha recibido una subvención de 4.000 € para la elaboración e implantación de la memoria de sostenibilidad”

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