Medical and Health


Surgical gowns and gowns for patients. Clothes for health care workers and patients (isolation gowns, patient gowns, caps, shoes, medical jackets, surgical pyjamas, lab coats, etc.). Face masks. Medical Accessories (table covers, instrument covers, shelving covers, bedding, etc.).

Spunbonded, with its different finishes, provides a variety of uses to this very important sector.

Medical Apparel: surgical gowns, medical clothing, masks, shoe covers, uniforms and caps.

Hospital furnishings: hospital linen, sheets, pillowcases, mattress covers, clothing and accessories for all medical and hospital needs.

Packaging for surgical material, instrument coverings and other medical applications to protect them from dust, dirt and bacterial contamination.

The advantage of a nonwoven fabric is its ability to filter, thereby creating an antimicrobial barrier that reduces the risk of infection from a microbial attack; that’s why it is very often used for surgical masks.

Medical and Health

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