With the aim of achieving continuous improvement and maximum satisfaction of our clients, the management of NV EVOLUTIA, S.L. has decided to implement and maintain a Quality Management System based on the international standard ISO 9001, which has the following aims:

Marketing and handling of nonwoven fabric reels

The management of NV EVOLUTIA has decided to establish, implement and maintain this quality policy, based on the following commitments and general objectives:

  • Undertaking and promoting the integration of quality in daily work and decision making.

  • Establishing quality as a basis in all our activities, through the standardization of the work processes, always applying them to each individual order.

  • Achieving maximum satisfaction for our clients, by exceeding their expectations, through the compliance with the applicable requirements. To do this the following steps are required:

- An adequate execution of the work processes.

- The use of high quality raw material.

- Compliance with established delivery times

  • Achieving a continuous improvement of the quality management system through the following actions:

- Monitoring the performance of processes.

- Establishing adequate quality objectives.

- Providing appropriate resources.

  • Promoting the training and commitment of our staff as a fundamental element for achieving our objectives, to ensure the consolidation of the company in this sector and its growth.

  • Achieving the integration of our suppliers and subcontractors, as an essential element for us to be able to guarantee our work processes.

  • Offering the best possible customer service, effectively responding to their requests and claims, thereby achieving their maximum satisfaction.



Corporate social responsibility

At Nv EVOLUTIA we have adapted to a constantly evolving market and we are committed to incorporating sustainable development in our business policy. That is why we promote a business policy focused on people and the environment.

Our commitments:

  • Social dimension:

We strive for integrity and an ethical behaviour that puts people first:

- We guarantee respect for Human Rights recognized in national and international legislation, rejecting child exploitation and forced labour, (we DO NOT have employees below the minimum legal age).

- We do not tolerate discrimination based on race, disability, religion, age, nationality, sexual orientation or gender and we support equal opportunities.

- Our salaries are proportional to their role, fair and reasonable.

- We are committed to providing safe working conditions.

Regarding compliance with labour requirements, our company is committed to adhere with the following principles:

- Child labour must not be used.

- Workers under 15 years of age or below the minimum age stipulated in national or local laws or regulations will not be employed.

- No person under 18 years of age is employed in hazardous or heavy work, except in the case of one who is training within the approved national laws or regulations.

- All forms of forced or compulsory labour must be eliminated.

- Employment relationships are voluntary and mutually agreed upon.

- There is absolutely NO obligation to labour which includes any of the following:

  1. Physical and sexual violence.

  2. Mobility restriction.

Retention of passport and identity documents.

  1. Bonded labour.

  2. Withholding of wages or salaries.

  3. We ensure that there is no discrimination in employment and occupation.

Freedom of trade union associations and the effective right to collective bargaining is respected.

Workers can create or join worker organizations of their choice.

  1. The complete freedom of workers' organizations to draft their own constitutions and regulations are respected.

  • Environmental dimension:

- We are fully aware and always bear in mind the importance of respecting the environment.

- In addition to compliance with legal requirements, we have aligned ourselves with the Sustainable Development Goals proposed by the United Nations Global Compact, by promoting initiatives to mitigate our environmental impact; by improving the energy efficiency of our facilities and with the implementation of eco-labels in some of our product lines.

We also intend to commit to the values promoted by the FSC Policy, by publicly declaring not to be directly or indirectly involved in:

  1. Illegal trade in wood or derived products.

  2. The violation of human or traditional rights in forestry operations.

The destruction of high conservation values.

  1. The conversion of natural forests into plantations or other uses.

  2. The introduction of genetically modified organisms in forest management.

  3. Violation of ILO Conventions and social and occupational health and safety requirements.

  • Responsible and sustainable economic management:

- We understand the importance of responsible economic management which has a direct impact on increasing productivity, the commercial value of the company, increasing customer loyalty and trust, and more positive economic results.

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