Advertising and printing


Nonwoven fabrics are tough, uniform, and come in a variety of colours and weights. Nonwoven fabrics have a wide range of uses due to their good appearance, texture, colour possibilities and mechanical strength: soft wrap for perfumes, bags for promotional gifts, wallets, CD holders, photo albums.

Nonwoven fabrics such as Spunbonded PP, Spunbonded PET, Stitchbonded, SMS and Needlepunch, are widely used in the advertising industry both in plain and prints because of their wide range of colours and low cost.

They are used for both quality ecological publicity bags and as suit-carriers.

  • Coloured ecological advertising bags with excellent printing.· Bags, sacks of all shapes and colours, personalized bags, industrial rolls and ties. To promote business and company image: handbags, bags, posters, cases, industrial rolls and customized objects.

  • Suit-carriers. The advantage of using a non-woven fabric instead of plastic is that it lets air through but not dust, acting as a filter and limiting the risk of spoilage by moths.

Nonwoven bags are increasingly used for protection including product packaging, for fragile items such as bathtubs, taps, lighting equipment, etc.

Nonwoven fabrics such as Spunbonded PP, Spunbonded PET, Stitchbonded, SMS, Needlepunch are also used for set designs and decorations for special events, shop window displays, etc.

· Shop windows. Use as a backdrop for shop windows is becoming more widespread because of the wide range of colours and the low cost of the fabric.

· Set designs. Used for special events and present a wide range of uses, such as curtains or drapes to cover objects, etc.

· False ceilings, industrial rolls, covers, and a thousand different ways to decorate rooms and sets.

Advertising and printing

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