NV Evolutia has been producing Napa since 1988

We work closely with all kinds of sectors, including furniture and mattress manufacturers, publicity and digital printing, footwear, industrial uses, single-use products and the automobile and construction industries. This wide variety of sectors and clients enables us to offer an extensive range of solutions including hydrophobic, fire-retardant and anti-mite treatments, creating custom-made compound materials. NV Evolutia specialises in creating new fabric structures that are capable of meeting specific requirements.

NV Evolutia has produced Napa, a polyester, viscose or mixed nonwoven fabric since 1988. Stitchbonded Napa is a nonwoven fabric produced on Maliwatt type looms consisting of carded parallel or interweaved fibres sewn together with 100% polyester, 100% viscose, 100% polypropylene or mixed threads.

Stitchbonded Napa can be heat set obtaining physical and mechanical properties that facilitate and extend implementation of different finishing techniques.

STITCHBONDED NAPA PROPERTIES: High longitudinal strength, G18 and G14 gauges, weights between 90 and 220 g; with 100% viscose or 100% polyester fibres, in any colour from the pantone range, non-allergenic and non-irritating.

STITCHBONDED NAPA MEASUREMENTS: Multiples from 320 cm to 370 cm wide, to meet customer requirements.

STITCHBONDED NAPA FINISHES: Napped on one or both sides. Colours on-demand (Pantone). Different preparations: manufactured in soft, medium, normal, strong or double. Cut in pieces, trimmings. Allows for printing and laminating. Calendering and heat setting.

STITCHBONDED NAPA SPECIAL TREATMENTS: With appropriate treatments during the manufacturing process, different product types can be obtained for specific applications.

* HYDROPHOBIC: water repellent treatment (Scotchgard ™).

*FLAME-RETARDANT: fireproofing retards the flammability when the tissue is exposed to flames. Used for mattresses and home textiles, etc…

* ANTI-MITE: fabric with “Sanity” certificate which protects the fabric from dust mites. Guarantees immunity to dust mites.


STITCHBONDED NAPA APPLICATIONS: Furniture and Mattresses, advertising and digital printing, industrial uses, single-use items, automobile industry, construction.

STITCHBONDED NAPA NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: NV Evolutia excels in the production of composite materials. Materials such as fibres, films, foams and fabrics can be combined to create new structures for new materials.


NV EVOLUTIA, S.L. a través de la línea “Ayudas destinadas a la promoción de la economía sostenible en la Comunitat Valenciana para el ejercicio 2023”, convocada por la CONSELLERIA DE ECONOMIA SOSTENIBLE, SECTORES PRODUCTOS, COMERCIO Y TRABAJO “ha recibido una subvención de 4.000 € para la elaboración e implantación de la memoria de sostenibilidad”

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