Texpun or Spunbonded PET

Texpun or Spunbonded PET is a high mechanical strength nonwoven fabric that is resistant to high temperatures, making it the ideal material for sectors such as automobile, advertising and printing, industrial uses, etc. In addition to its excellent properties, its great advantage is that it can undergo a number of treatments to stiffen it and become hydrophilic, hydrophobic, antibacterial, fluorescent, fire-retardant, etc., depending on the needs of the particular sector and client.

NV Evolutia, conversion and distribution of Texpun polyester. Nonwoven polyester fabric. Texpun polyester is a nonwoven fabric consisting of continuous 100% polyester (PET) threads, arranged at random and thermally welded by a calendering process, or thermobonded Spunlaid method.

TEXPUN Polyester / Spunbonded PET PROPERTIES: High resistance longitudinally and transversally, high temperature resistant, weather resistant, easy to dye and print; easy shaping, easily attached to bituminous materials (bitumen), excellent chemical resistance, weight between 15 g/m² and 200 g/m², and can be used in many different application areas.

TEXPUN Polyester / Spunbonded PET MEASUREMENTS: Multiples from 320 centimetres wide.

TEXPUN Polyester / Spunbonded PET FINISHES: Colours and stiffened feel.

TEXPUN Polyester / Spunbonded PET SPECIAL TREATMENTS: With suitable treatments during the Texpun polyester manufacturing process, different product types can be obtained for specific applications.

* HYDROPHILIC: Spunbonded polyester is normally hydrophobic, but hydrophilic treatment will enable liquids to pass through.

* ANTIBACTERIAL: Materials with antibacterial treatment are protected from bacteria and fungi.

* FLAME-RETARDANT: Fireproofing treatment retards flammability when the material is exposed to flames. Up to grade C-1 fire resistance can be obtained. Used for furniture and home textiles, protective clothing for workers, vehicles, etc.

* FLUORESCENT: A new concept in materials that absorb light and then transmit it when placed in a dark place.

TEXPUN Polyester / Spunbonded PET APPLICATIONS: Furniture and mattresses, advertising and digital printing, industrial uses, single-use items, automobile industry, medical and health.


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