Single-use items


Ecological cloth, dust-attracting wipes or baby towels. Disposable underwear, hairdressing gowns, single-use bed covers and sheets. Tablecloths, bags. Protective clothing for work.

Nonwoven fabrics such as Spunbonded PP, Spunbonded PET, Stitchbonded Napa, Spunlace, SMS, Needlepunch have the properties and the low cost to be used in multiple single-use markets.

HYGIENIC: Nonwoven fabric is used in four main hygiene sectors: baby nappies, sanitary towels, adult incontinence pads and domestic hygiene.

Properties and benefits: fabric that is pleasant to the touch and non-toxic, with hydrophilic or hydrophobic properties.

In addition to personal hygiene, these fabrics are widely used in domestic hygiene and their characteristics are ideal for being soaked which allows for many allow different uses: ecological cloths, dust-attracting wipes, baby towels.

BEAUTY: Nonwoven fabrics such as Spunbonded PP, Spunbonded PET, Stitchbonded Napa, Spunlace, SMS and Needlepunch are being used increasingly in beauty salons, health spas and hairdressers.

In the field of cosmetics and spa treatments non-woven fabrics are manufactured as cases, towels, clothes and accessories of all kinds: NEW hair removal strips; NEW makeup removers; single-use bed covers and sheets; shower mats; disposable underwear for mud pack treatments and pressure therapy; electroconductive pants; disposable capes for hairdressing; single-use towels and kimonos; disposable ponchos for hair dyeing.

CATERING: Nonwoven fabrics offer the perfect solution to the catering industry. Disposable tablecloths; table runners and serviettes; tablecloth roll; coordinated tablecloths and serviettes; protective tablecloth covers; wine carrier bags.

PROTECTIVE CLOTHING FOR WORK: Nonwoven fabric with different finishes and treatments is widely used in hospitals for caps and gowns; surgical masks; dentist bibs; adjustable sheets for hospital trolleys and beds, disposable pillowcases and bed covers; gowns, pyjamas and sleeves; for wrapping instruments, medical equipment and other materials to protect them from dust, dirt and bacterial pollution. These fabrics can also be used for plasters, bandages and tapes.

Single-use items

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